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From conception to optimisation

If you struggle to create content for your website and socials, you’re not alone. Creating content can be hard, and annoying, and sometimes mind-numbing. Plus we have to make sure it has value for our audience, and isn’t just filler fluff. That’s where Creating Content Workshops come in!

What will we do?


At our Creating Content Workshops we will sit down together and begin the process of creating content for your website and socials. I’ll go over easy tricks to brainstorm (or conceptualise) new content for your website as well as discuss how to use competitor analysis, industry trends and other copywriting hacks. Then we’ll do the brainstorming together to come up with at least five amazing content ideas. But we won’t stop there.


From there we’ll move to how to leverage each new idea to become to five, 10 or even 20 pieces of individual, value-adding content for your audience. We’ll discuss your social media options and how each platform works best to engage with your audience.


Finally, we’ll look at SEO. Don’t run away! It’s easer than you think to create SEO-friendly content that humans AND Google will love. I’ll give you a checklist to complete each time you write content for your website. Following these tricks, your site will be off and running before you know it.

Join Me

Contact me if you’d like to come along to a workshop, or if you’re interested in some one-on-one content creation.

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