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About Kristen

Kristen Lowrey Brisbane copywriter
Kristen Lowrey, Brisbane-based copywriter, SEO copywriter and editor


Hey! As you’ve probably already figured out, I’m Kristen Lowrey, wordsmith extraordinaire behind Kristen Lowrey Copywriter.

Words have always been important. We use them to express our feelings and emotions, to formulate ideas and inspirations, to market products and services and to sway others to our way of thinking.

In today’s digital world, ‘words’ have become even more important. As they say, content is king. And swiftly following on from the rise of content, has been the rise of copywriters.

Why should you hire me?

So why should you hire me? First, I have a degree in English Literature with a minor in Poli Sci. I was trained in words, and in applying words logically and creatively. Does simply being educated mean that I’m the best writer in the world? Definitely not. But it’s certainly a good place to start.

I also have post-graduate degree in law. This is pertinent because it means that I am excellent at making sure that every.single.word in every.single.document is absolutely correct and free from errors. Nobody wants mistakes in their writing, and certainly not when it is representing your business.

I have years of writing and editing experience. My work has been published in industry journals, and my ghostwriting work has been published in newspapers throughout Australia, in the United States and in online media. I have also been the editor of two publications as well as providing freelance editorial services in various genres. So, I’m excellent at researching complex and diverse subjects for thought leader and professional articles, as well as for brand specific blog posts.

Finally, I’m pretty easy to get along with and, more importantly, very professional. Your work will be delivered well done and on time, every time.

The Personal Stuff

If you want to know something about me personally, here are the highlights – I’m a native Californian living in Brisbane. I’m the mom of three crazy adorable humans, two dirty dogs and seven chickens. I love basketball and pottering in my veggie patch. And if I could do everything with a taco in my hand, I’d be in heaven.


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