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Wikipedia pages and updates

Wikipedia isn’t for everyone. As an online, open-source encyclopedia, there are strict requirements about notability. This ensures it doesn’t just become a space for resumes or marketing, but remains a neutral, information-based platform. But if you do meet the requirements, Wikipedia pages are a phenomenal way to raise your profile.

What do Wikipedia pages cover?

Wikipedia pages are not just about people. They can be about companies, products or inventions. They cover events, summits, conferences and significant research discoveries. And there are even disambiguation pages that list ‘types’ of people, for example, famous psychologists.

Do you meet Wikipedia’s requirements?

An analysis will help you determine if you meet Wikipedia’s requirements. But, in general, it depends on having enough source material.

Source material might mean media coverage, independent awards or research papers. It can be biographies written by other organisations and other online directories.

There are many, many options for source material. Having independent source material means that your Wikipedia page will be neutral and fully cited. And that’s what Wikipedia loves.

Wikipedia analysis

As a first step, I can perform an analysis to help you determine if you meet Wikipedia’s notability requirements. And if you do meet the requirements, creating a Wikipedia page, while not marketing per se, can definitely work to raise your profile.

Wikipedia page and update packages

With my Wikipedia packages, I offer an initial review and analysis. If Wikipedia is a good fit, I complete detailed source material research. This ensures we craft a strong, neutral page that meets Wikipedia’s requirements.

Wikipedia also has a specific online platform for coding the pages and updates. I do this for you as well, and also provide live updating and monitoring.

And if you already have a page, and it just needs updating, I can do that too!

I love drafting Wikipedia pages. Is it right for you? Reach out here and let’s find out!