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Tell your story. Grow your brand. Engage your audience.

It’s a tech-savvy world, and we’re all looking for new and better ways to get our message out to our audience. Words are a vital part of that goal. 


Words tell your unique story, reveal your core values and showcase your expertise.

But how do you find the right words?

I can help. 


Whether it’s crafting engaging, keyword-optimised website content, expert opinion pieces or compelling marketing materials, I can help you create content that is targeted, searchable and perfectly aligned with your brand message.

Who am I?

I’m Kristen Lowrey, a copywriter, SEO specialist and Californian living in Brisbane, Australia. With degrees in English Literature, Political Science and Law, I know a thing or two about putting words together. 


I create clear, persuasive and authentic copy that will resonate with your core values and your brand messaging and will engage with your target audience. 

Read more About Me here. Or if you have some time, have a listen here.



My Services 


The business of creating tailored content.


Creating content under the umbrella or your expertise.

SEO copywriting

Also known as ‘Google taming’, the art of creating keyword-optimised content that Google loves.

Editing and Proofreading

When your content just needs a little bit of polish and shine.

Writing for Wikipedia

The business of creating and updating Wikipedia pages.

Ready to get started?