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SEO Copywriter

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What is an SEO Copywriter?

An SEO copywriter is a writer that understands both the creative and technical sides of writing and can create copy that converts. In other words, an SEO copywriter’s job isn’t just to make you sound good (though I do that), but also to make Google (and every other search engine) believe that you are the best result for searches.

When Google sees you as an authority, it ranks you higher. When you rank higher you receive more traffic. And, best of all, more traffic means more customers and clients, and more revenue generated directly from Google.

Who cares about Google?

Well… everybody.

Nearly 87% of people worldwide use Google for their online searches. That’s pretty high. Even more importantly, 94% of Australians, 87% of Americans, 86% in the UK and 92% in Canada prefer Google to any other search engine.

Why is this important? It comes down to trust.

When someone goes online to find out about your business, Google is beyond a doubt the strongest form of social proof. Your position in the rankings demonstrates to the reader what kind of authority you are about the thing they’re interested in.

When Google ranks your number one, your potential customer immediately understands that while they may still want to spend time making up their own mind about you, the rest of the world sees you as the best answer for their problem. You become the authority.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the process of writing the best words for your business, and then taking a big, yellow technical highlighter (that only search engines can see) and highlighting all the best bits. It’s the technical way of showing Google that this is what I’m about. When you do that, you exponentially increase your chances of being seen as an authority on that subject, or the best response for a product search.

Remember, Google is a business. If it doesn’t give searches the best results, they’ll just go somewhere else. SEO copywriting lets you do that better. So, the searches are happy, Google is happy… and so are you.

SEO Copywriting Services

  • Technical audit
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Keyword implementation
  • On-page optimisation
  • Back-end and technical optimisation
  • Ongoing SEO strategy
  • Ongoing SEO packages for blog and article writing and full optimisation of each
  • Editorials and articles for backlink placement
  • Quarterly or monthly reports

Ongoing SEO Copywriting Packages

Slow and Steady SEO

$ 350
Monthly SEO package that will get you to the outcomes you want,at a slow, steady and resource-friendly pace.

– 1x strategic content(blog/article/news etc.)
– 1x strategic keyword implementation
– On page optimisation
– Back end optimisation
– 2x GMB posts provided (inline with content)

Middle of the Pack SEO

$ 675
A monthly SEO package that will move your up along therankings in a more targeted manner.

– 2x blogpost/article/industry news
– 2x strategic keywordimplementation
– On page optimisation
– Back end optimisation
– 4x GMB posts provided (inline with content)

Out in Front SEO

$ 1300
If you’re keen to move more quickly up the strategic rankings thisis the monthly content package for you.

– 4x blogpost/article/industry news
– 4x strategic keywordimplementation
– On page optimisation
– Back end optimisation
– 8x GMB posts provided (inline with content)

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Best of Both Worlds

Optimising your site doesn’t have to mean losing authenticity. Yes, people need to be able to find you online. But once they do, you want them to choose your as well.

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