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Editing and Proofreading

As a freelance Brisbane editor, I can help you take your writing from great to converting clients. I might be Brisbane based, but I help clients from all over Australia, and internationally.

Freelance Brisbane Editor

No matter how great your writing skills are, no one can write a perfect first draft. (Case in point, this is about my fifth draft of this content!) And writing error-free content is vital. It shapes your reader’s experience and takes your writing from great to converting clients.

All writing needs editing. And great writing, needs great editing.

What kind of editing do you need?

There are two general editing processes: copyediting; and proofreading. Which do you need?

Well, it depends…

Both are important, but not all writing requires the more fulsome copyediting process. Sometimes proofreading is enough.

Editing (or copyediting)

A copy editor is your publishing partner. A copy editor makes sure your writing is telling the ‘story’ in the best way possible. She focusses on both the small details and the big picture.

Here are some things I do as a freelance copy editor:

  • check and correct grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation;
  • analyse word usage and sentence structure;
  • check for technical consistency (including spelling, capitalisation, numerals, hyphenation, pagination etc.);
  • review for continuity errors;
  • fact check where necessary; and
  • ensure the ‘story’ is consistent, cohesive, correct and complete.


Proofreading generally happens after a piece of writing is in its ‘final’ form. This might be after a full edit, or just after the final draft is complete.

Proofing is quality assurance more than anything else. It takes your writing from good to great.

Here are some things I do as a freelance proofreader:

  • review for consistency;
  • check cross-references if any;
  • correct punctuation, spelling and capitalisation;
  • look for typos; and
  • check final version formatting.

Let me help you!

As a freelance Brisbane editor I’m here to help you take your writing from great to converting clients. And having a second set of eyes just makes sense. I always¬†ask another proofreader to look over my own content. Having clean, polished and error-free writing let’s your expertise shine through.

Do you need a freelance editor? Brisbane might be my base, but I help clients all over Australia and the US. Contact me here.

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