Book Editing and Ghostwriting

Book Editing and Ghostwriting

book editing and ghostwriting

Everyone has a book inside waiting to leap free

Write Your Book

You have a book in you. Maybe it’s come out as word vomit on the page. Maybe you have a highly-polished first draft. Or maybe it’s still simmering away inside, waiting for the right words to set it free.

I can help.

I’m a book editor and ghostwriter. My job is to work with you to make sure that your book is brought fully to life, whether or not you have it in bullet points, draft form or no form at all.

Books Are a Lead Gen Tool

As a book editor and ghostwriter, I’m highly focused in the area of writing for lead generation. I have worked with many authors who went on to use their books to show their authority, thought leadership and expertise. And to bring in more clients and revenue.

Benefits of Writing a Business-Focused Book

  • You have a professional piece of work to showcase your expertise.
  • It’s a lead generation tool.
  • It’s a passive money maker
  • You’ll be a professional author
  • You’ll accomplish a new challenge
  • You gain knowledge and insight
  • You establish your thought leadership and authority in your industry

Book Editing Services

As a book editor, I take your draft and bring it to life. My book editing services run the gamut of a simple final proofread, to a full developmental edit. I’m experienced in all areas of book editing and can provide feedback from the big picture, down to the smallest details.

Developmental Edit

Sometimes called structural editing, this is big picture work where we look at the book (and its story) as a whole. It includes analysis of plot, structure, characterisation, pace, narrative style, tone of voice, sense gaps and more.

Line Edit

Line editing is also called substantive editing, and this is where most book editing falls. Line editing involves editing of phrasing, word choice, chapter and sentence structure, consistency, viewpoint, narrative style, pace and flow, repetition, overwriting, story elements and more.

Copy Edit

Copyediting is the technical aspect of book editing. It includes corrections to grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, word usage and sentence structure. During a copyedit I’ll check for technical consistency and continuity errors, and will fact check and review citations, research and source material where necessary. I’ll also assist with correct use of footnotes and endnotes and ensure the story is consistent, cohesive, correct and complete.


Proofreading essentially searches out all the little typos. This might be errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar, but also problems with the layout, like line spacing or missing page numbers.

Ghostwriting Services

With ghostwriting services I leverage your hard-earned expertise to create a professionally-written manuscript that will help you build credibility, authority and (most importantly?) revenue.

Working collaboratively to understand your style and tone, I’ll ensure that every word I write is reflective of you and your brand. Chapter by chapter, you’ll see the expertise that is inside you flow out onto the page.

Every piece of work is fully confidential. And I never divulge the books that I’ve ghostwritten to anyone.

Do You Need Book Editing or Ghostwriting?

Do you have a draft?
Is it substantially finalised?

…you need book editing!

Do you have an idea?
Do you have thought leadership and expertise?

…you need a ghostwriter!

Some of the Books Under My Belt

It’s time to get your book out into the world.

I can help you do that.

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