Do I really need a copywriter

Do I really need a copywriter?

There are a lot of people (a lot!) who wonder why anyone would ever hire a copywriter. Writing is easy, isn’t it? After all, you’ve been putting words together into sentences since you passed that first little note to Tim (or Tina) Olsen in second grade.

And in many ways, you’re right. Copywriting is simply putting words into sentences for your business or brand. It could be website pages or newsletters, blog posts or LinkedIn articles. That is copywriting. Right?

In fact, great copy does more than just put words on paper (or on a screen). Great copy converts readers into customers.

What makes great copy?

Good copy helps your readers understand what you offer.

Great copy helps them understand what you offer, and how to respond.

Truly compelling copy does those things while conveying your brand message, values and ethos, and creating an effective call to action. All in your unique brand tone of voice.



Great copy will (almost) always lead to a call to action (CTA) that is designed to motivate the reader to TAKE ACTION now. This could be any kind of action, but usually means the reader is purchasing or engaging with your brand or your product.

In some ways the CTA is the crux of any business copy. After all, why are you writing if not to get your readers to do something?But it’s certainly not the only important part of business copywriting. It’s important to remember that every word you write is conveying your brand messaging – your core values, your ethos, your vision – to your audience.

Every. Single. Word.

Do I really need a copywriter?

Well, I’m not sure. As Forbes says, ‘Every brand needs to produce engaging, well-written copy…. Unfortunately, not every brand is good at this’.

If you are writing clear, engaging and professional copy, then you may not. But even if you can write truly excellent copy, you need to ask yourself if you should.

Most of my clients can write well, but don’t have the time or inclination to DIY their copy. After all, they have their area of expertise, and I have mine.

Creating copy that inspires and engages your target audience, builds brand loyalty and perfectly aligns with your unique brand message – that is my area of expertise.

Interested in copy that is unique to your brand, engages your audience and is interesting to read? Reach out here.

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