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Tea with the Queen – Book Writing, Book Editing, SEO and Life

Meeting Emma McQueen

I first read about Emma McQueen in a book editing project I was working on with one of my incredible clients, Jane Anderson. Emma – who is a leadership coach, mentor, facilitator and author – was being featured as an exceptional woman in business. And as I read her story it was easy to see why. She is truly exceptional.

When you speak to Emma she is one of those people that’s just full of verve and vivaciousness. Her energy is infectious, her laugh easy and you can actually hear the smile in her voice. In  a conversation she’s welcoming and vulnerable. But she’s also incredibly funny. Really, she’s pure joy.

But Emma is also incredibly talented in her work as a coach. Though I haven’t had the chance to work with her directly (yet!), I have heard from her clients how she is able to transform their work and their lives, bringing them in line with who they are while helping them to skyrocket their own careers.

And I was incredibly pleased to be able to speak with Emma on her podcast, Tea with the Queen!

Emma McQueen (the Queen herself), Chris Ashmore, podcast consultant extraordinaire, and me.

Book Writing, Book Editing and SEO

Go Getter by Emma McQueen

Of course, Emma isn’t satisfied with just providing her value to her paying clients. She’s also written a fabulous book, Go Getter, which provides practical tools and strategies to help all women smash through barriers in their careers to get to the next level.

Book writing (and book editing) is something that I love as well and a big focus of my work. And it was fun to talk about it with another passionate wordsmith on her podcast. Of course, it wasn’t all books, books, books. We also got to speak about my other passion – SEO – and about life (and love!) in general.

Tea With the Queen Podcast

If you haven’t checked out the Tea with the Queen podcast, definitely do! Take her on the dog walk, in the car or while you’re doing dishes (sometimes I even listen in the shower!). Inspirational, motivation and just a lot of fun, Emma’s voice will light up your day.  

And if you get a chance to hear my guest episode, I’d love to hear what you think!

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