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Local SEO for Brisbane (or Melbourne… or Sydney…)

Tips for increasing your local SEO for Brisbane, or any other city!

As a business owner you’re likely well versed on the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). For businesses with an online presence, it’s crucial. (And if you don’t have an online presence, that might be a bigger conversation.)

But what about local SEO? And what about local SEO for Brisbane (or for Sydney or Melbourne or…)?

If you’re wondering what local SEO is, what it can do for your business and how you’re going to accomplish another marketing task, don’t worry. You may already be doing it.

What is local SEO and why does it matter?

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that aims to boost your business’s rankings in the local search results. (We’re talking organic search results here – the ads that appear on your page are a whole different kettle of fish.)

Local SEO helps redirect online users who are from (or interested in) a particular region straight to your business. So, for example, if someone typed ‘SEO marketing Brisbane’ or ‘copywriter Brisbane’ into the search bar, you would be rewarded with a list of fantastic local SEO copywriters… (and maybe even someone you know).

If your business wants to become the go-to in your local area for a particular product, service or industry, this is an element of SEO that you ought to be aware of. There may be many reasons why success in a local market is important to your brand – maybe you’re a pool cleaning company that only services a particular region, maybe it’s important to your clients to be able to meet you in person, or maybe your customers want to ensure they’re sourcing products locally.

But local SEO is not only important for small local businesses, it’s also beneficial for national and international brands. Success on a broad scale is of course comprised of many smaller successes, and local SEO can help your brand target these smaller markets.

Benefits of local SEO

Evens the playing field

If you’re a small business that services a particular area, you can use that to your advantage via local SEO. Sure, the big brands might typically have the upper hand in the online universe, but when it comes to knowing your local market – you are the expert and the data is telling us that the customers want you.

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Boosts traffic

Think about some of your most recent online searches. A takeaway pizza shop? A hair salon? An epically large spiderweb that will stretch across the roof of your house for Halloween?

Regardless, for most of your searches you want the product or service to be located near you. Whether it’s the closest pizza shop, a physical shop that is within driving distance or an online store that is close enough to ensure delivery will be swift. This is also why Google naturally takes into account the proximity of the search result location to where you are currently searching from.

Increases conversion rates

Experts believe that local searches tend to be conducted by more motivated customers because their searches are so targeted. Add this to the increased traffic flow to your website and voila – better conversion rates.

Supports local leanings

It’s no surprise that customers generally want to source goods and services that are located closer to them. In fact, a national survey conducted by Access found that 93.2% of American consumers typically travel 20 minutes or less to make everyday purchases like food, petrol, clothing etc.Closer to home, the 2021 Commbank Consumer Insights report found that 52% of Australians believed locally sourced and manufactured products were more important since the pandemic.

Develops your brand

Local SEO can also help to establish you and/or your brand as an authority in that space. Being an expert or specialist in a particular industry within a specific local area really taps into your key target market.

What does local SEO look like?

There are a many ways that you can implement local SEO into your SEO marketing plan. These include:

  • Landing pages. Creating landing pages that target specific cities or areas (and give value to those particular clients).
  • Google Business Profile. Implementing and updating your Google Business Profile. It’s a free service from Google that allows you to highlight essential information for your business and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Siloed content with link building. A content silo is when you create content around a single subject or theme and then bind it together through internal links. This process shows Google (and your readers) that you’re an authority on the subject matter and improves your rankings for that subject.
  • Area-specific content. In your content writing target area-specific keywords that lets you target your local area.
  • Social media. Social media can assist by helping you increase your online presence and share-ability.

Local SEO Brisbane

When it comes to building your local SEO Brisbane marketing strategy, it really comes down to understanding your service and your clients. If you own a painting business on the northside, you might consider keywords like:

  • Roof painting Brisbane
  • Painting Brisbane
  • Lead paint removal Brisbane
  • Driveway painting Brisbane northside
  • Northside painting contractors
  • Painting contractor near me

A good SEO tool (such as SEMRush) can help you find the right keywords. Or a good SEO copywriter! Get in touch and I can help you create a robust local SEO Brisbane strategy that will see you ranking well locally and beyond.

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