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Talking Copywriting Services, SEO Tactics and My Love Story

Biz Design Queens Podcast – where we talked about copywriting services, SEO tactics and a bit of PR – and why they matter for small business!

Biz Design Queens podcast featuring Kristen Lowrey
Surrounding yourself with incredibly talented, smart and switched on people is the best way to learn and grow in your own business. I’m so lucky to have met and worked with the amazing team Biz Design Queens. And I recently had the immense pleasure of chatting with them about all things SEO and copywriting services (and a bit of PR) for small businesses on their BDQ Podcast.

Here’s what Biz Design Queens say about the podcast:

Discounted] VERB; ignore; treat as insignificant.

So… it’s time to fess up that Copywriting and SEO fits in this space of the above ‘D’ word for a lot of us, butttt… the thing is it’s time to stop the ‘D’ word and start learning how your business [yup your business] can gain from having the right copywriter and SEO set up!

It’s a fun episode with expert Kristen Lowrey as we chat just that.

LIVE now 🎉

What do we talk about?

Well… SEO and copywriting services, and a bit of PR, and why they matter for small businesses. You might also find a few hints and tips about DIYing your own PR, your own About page and your own copy generally. And you just might hear a bit about my own personal epic love story!

Where can you find the podcast?

Podcast available on all podcast apps or via the Biz Design Queens website here

Or watch or video via YouTube here

I’m so grateful to have such incredible people in my life. Thanks Kristy and Catherine!

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