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Optimise Your Website: It’s Not Facebook or Instagram’s Job to Market for You – It’s Google’s

It’s not Facebook or Instagram’s job to market your website. It’s Google’s. That’s why you should always optimise your website.

Optimise Your Website

It feels like nearly every time I scroll through social media, I find another person who is complaining that website referrals from Instagram and Facebook are drying up. That’s because they are. Facebook and instagram do not want people to leave their site.

They don’t want people to see something they like and easily leave their platform to go to the website of the content producer. That doesn’t help them at all. They want the user to stay on their site, scrolling through posts, or watching video after video. That is their entire agenda.

It’s Not Facebook or Instagram’s Job to Market for You – It’s Google’s

You can’t rely on Facebook and Instagram, or any social media platform for that matter, to do your marketing for you. You don’t have control of your content on Facebook, or on Instagram. So, you can’t control who sees it. And you can’t force them to prioritise it, or even publish it. They do it according to their own internal strategies. And in most cases those won’t line up with your own.

The only thing you own, is your own website. And that’s where you should be spending your marketing time and resources.

Stop thinking of Google like the enemy that needs to be beat (or can’t be beat). Google’s entire job is to match up people who want something, with people that want to provide it. That is literally what Google does. When you optimise your website you’re telling Google, ‘I’m here and I have the thing you’re looking for.’ It’s your way of telling Google that you have the best answer to a particular search query.

Optimisation Leads to Revenue

The more you can show Google that you have the answer they’re looking for, the further up in the search results Google will put you. The higher up you are in search results, the more traffic you get to your site. The more traffic you get to your site, the more leads you have. The more leads you have the more revenue you earn. In other words, optimisation equals money. Period. Can you say that about Facebook and Instagram?


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